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The difference between the color index cri95 and CRI80

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The difference between the color index cri95 and CRI80

The difference between the color index cri95 and CRI80
High color rendering index of endoscopic light in the medical field of vision and the practical application of operation room, solid state lighting products with high color rendering index for more accurate optical quality of operation room showing a more natural color, color adjustment support true color reduction.
In color, it is based on medical and visual display resolution and other characteristics, re distribution of phosphor, 6500K color rendering (CRI) were increased to more than 80, high CRI special 5500K CRI>95 super LED light source module applied to the technology of lighting products, the creation of LED ultra high CRI new visual experience. Ultra high color products used in general lighting, can make fresh fruits and vegetables more fresh and natural, flowers and foliage more green and delicate;
Recently suddenly to one thing, we often say something light, some body never really talked with friends to a lamp inside the touch something, so you will not regularly with everybody to share some knowledge about the small lamp oh. Today, let's talk about this kind of thing. Before we talk about sex, let's talk about a few scenes that everyone will encounter.
The following two plates of iron string, which do you want more?

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